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Asia Unplugged: The Wireless and Mobile Media Boom in the Asia-Pacific.

edited by Madanmohan Rao and Lunita Mendoza

The Book

This timely and informative book provides a comprehensive overview of the wireless industries, players, impacts and best practices in the Asia-Pacific region. It includes diverse and rich contributions from over two dozen experts from Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Australia, United States and Canada and more.
This book is intended as a comprehensive, detailed and insightful look at the wireless scenario in Asia. The sweeping panorama of this book puts you in the driver's seat of the wireless economy in the Asia-Pacific. From technology players and alliance strategies to political impacts and rural development, this book will provide its readers with valuable insights into one of the world's most diverse and dynamic regions at the cusp of its explosive new media and mobile revolution.

Each of the writers-distinguished experts in their fields and countries-provide insights grouped into emerging themes and key issues. The book also includes country profiles of the major innovative markets of the wireless Asia-Pacific region. The material includes case studies, roadmaps, evolving trends, tips, book reviews and recommendations for players in the region and elsewhere.

Table of Contents

List of Figures
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Part I: Overall themes

1. Introduction
Madanmohan Rao
2. Mobilising the Internet - Asian-style
Lara Srivastava
3. Location-based services
Chas Sweeting
4. Wi-Fi: Will the Asian Tiger Roar?
Subha Rama
5. Wireless in the Local Loop
Ashok Jhunjhunwalla
6. Media impacts: News and entertainment
Madanmohan Rao
7. Mobile Commerce
Sunanda Sangwan
8. Organisational impacts
Madanmohan Rao
9. Knowledge management and business intelligence
Madanmohan Rao
10. Wireless in the Classroom
June Gassin and Som Naidu
11. Investment outlook
Loudon Owen and Paul Gardner
12. Case Study: Singtel
Michael Sainsbury
13. Legal issues
Rajesh Sreenivasan and Tan Min-Liang
14. Convergence and Regulation
Laina Raveendran Greene
15. Case Study: Regulation in India
T H Chowdary
16. SMS and political change
Vicente Rafael

Part II: Country profiles

17. Japan
Shinichi Saito
18. South Korea
John Lee
19. Singapore
Lunita Mendoza
20. Australia
Michael Sainsbury
21. India
Madanmohan Rao
22. China
Lunita Mendoza
23. Thailand
Srikanya Mongkonsiri
24. Malaysia
Lunita Mendoza
25. Nepal
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
26. Bangladesh
Sayeedur Rahman

Part III: Book reviews

27. i-Mode Strategy
Takeshi Natsuno
28. The Mobile Internet
Jeffrey Lee Funk
29. DoCoMo: Japan's Wireless Tsunami
John Beck and Mitchell Wade
30. The Freedom Economy
Peter Keen and Ron Mackintosh
31. Wireless Rules
Frederick Newell and Katherine Newell Lemon
32. Constant Touch: A Global History of the Mobile Phone
John Agar
33. Mobile Usability
Christian Lindholm, Turkka Keinonen and Harri Kiljander
34. Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution
Howard Rheingold
35. Roam: Making Sense of the Wireless Internet
Bruno Giussani
36. Wireless Internet Opportunity for Developing Nations
W2I Institute

Notes on Contributors

About the Editors

Madanmohan Rao, a consultant and writer from Bangalore, is Research Director at the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), Singapore. Dr Rao is the editor of two book series: The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook and The Knowledge Management Chronicles. He is on the board of several new media firms, and tracks wireless and internet developments via a blog for the Poynter Institute. He graduated from IIT Bombay and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with an M.S. in computer science and a Ph.D. in communications. A well-known consultant and commentator, Dr Rao has spoken at numerous IT conferences in over 50 countries. His hobbies include swimming, hiking, world music and beer appreciation.

Lunita Mendoza is the editor of Wireless World magazine in Singapore. She has travelled extensively to wireless forums and summits across Asia, Europe and the Americas, and covers trends ranging from handheld devices and mobile payments to technology evolution and venture capital dynamics. She formerly ran three other publications on IT. Lunita has a degree from Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, with a minor in broadcast journalism and major in print journalism. She has been actively engaged in professional and competitive sport, enjoys diving, rock climbing and wakeboarding.

About the Contributors

T H Chowdary is the information technology advisor to the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.
Paul Gardner is an independent consultant providing strategic management services to high-growth opportunities within early stage and mature companies.

June Gassin is associate dean for IT and multimedia at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Laina Raveendran Greene is managing director of Getit Multimedia, Singapore.

John Lee is Principal, Softbank Venture Capital, based in Seoul, South Korea.

Tan Min-Liang is with the iTec (Intellectual Property, Technology, Entertainment and Communications) Practice Group of Messrs Rajah & Tann, Singapore.

Srikanya Mongkonsiri is the Managing Director of Chuo Senko in Bangkok, Thailand's leading advertising agency.

Som Naidu is associate professor in the Multimedia Education Unit at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Loudon Owen is co-founder and managing partner of McLean Watson Capital Inc., based in Toronto, Canada.

Vicente Rafael is professor at the Department of History, University of Washington at Seattle.

Sayeedur Rahman is IT administrator in the Governor's Office for Technology, Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the founder of Bangladesh Information Technology group, Bangla-IT.

Subha Rama is an industry analyst in Enterprise Communications at Frost & Sullivan's Technology Practice Division in Singapore.

Michael Sainsbury is the telecommunications writer at The Australian newspaper.

Shinichi Saito is an associate professor at the Department of Communication at Tokyo Women's Christian University.

Sunanda Sangwan is associate professor of marketing and electronic commerce at Nanyang Business School in Singapore.

Rajesh Sreenivasan is a partner in the iTec (Intellectual Property, Technology, Entertainment and Communications) Practice Group of Messrs Rajah & Tann, in Singapore.

Lara Srivastava is a policy analyst in the Strategy and Policy Unit of the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva.

Chas Sweeting is consultancy group director at the technology practice of GCI Malaysia.

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya is the CEO of the Nepal Internet Exchange in Kathmandu, and is also a writer and radio journalist.


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