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Putting Conversations to Work

IN DEPTH: Building the Knowledge Management Network: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques for Putting Conversations to Work by Cliff Figallo and Nancy Rhine


by Madanmohan Rao


Tuesday, June 03, 2003

This is a book about harnessing online conversations as a working tool and is particularly relevant in today's environment of travel budget cuts, growth of email and Web communication and globalisation. 

Cliff Figallo and Nancy Rhine are online community developers, formerly with the Well and AOL. Figallo is the author of Hosting Web Communities.

The ten chapters are divided into three sections: knowledge networking landscape, culture and practical applications. There is a strong focus on design and use of online collaborative tools. The bibliography lists useful references on attention management, social networks analysis, collaborative knowledge networks and measurement of intellectual assets.

Read the full review at Destination KM


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